Using the Yellowbrick Device

Refer to the YB3 manual for the user operating instructions.

Using the ASC YB Blog Page

The satellite tracking information is displayed on the ASC YB blog page at Share this link with your friends and family so they can follow your progress.

Using the ASC YB Admin Account

The ASC YB admin account is managed by the designated administrator. It is a communal resource, so please use this account with care and do not change any settings other than those listed below. Any problems contact the Equipment Manager. Go to the ASC YB blog page and click the login button (login credentials will be sent to the admin from the Hires Manager).

Tasks to be performed by the YB Admin:

My Details

Check the name and billing address details are updated to your credit card account.

Credits and Line Rental

You will need to purchase the monthly line rental and some credits.
Note: Any credits left over from a previous event are freely available for use.

Contact List

Only contacts in this list can receive or send messages.
Add the name, email and telephone number for each contact and tick the type of contact.
Note: Messages sent from the device will go to all contacts and every message costs 1 credit.
For enhanced functionality – see smartphone.


The Yellowbrick has a default set of short pre-defined messages. It is possible to edit these in the field but it is somewhat tedious.
For enhanced functionality – see smartphone
An important point to note is that messages are sent to all registered contacts and all messages sent to/received by the device are kept permanently. This is another reason to use a smartphone for messsaging ..

Track Options

Set the name and dates of your event. The name will appear as an option in the pull-down list on the blog page. Also, the new event will create a sub-directory in the blog page. Use this for a specific event URL to share, e.g. is the Homathko trip in Canada.

Other Options

Please do not change any of the other YB account options


Sending messages to the Yellowbrick

There are two ways to send messages:

  1. send messages direct to the Yellowbrick unit
  2. send to the YB Connect app

The main difference between the two is that the Yellowbrick unit is communal and permanent, while the YB Connect app is private.

Yellowbrick Unit: Messages are emailed to the Yellowbrick unit at [email protected]. This is only available for people registered in the Contacts section.

YB Connect: Messages are emailed to the YB Connect app at [email protected]. This does not need pre-registration of contacts.


Using a Smartphone to Control the Yellowbrick

You can control the Yellowbrick via a smartphone or tablet using the YB Connect app via bluetooth. This offers much better control of all functions of the unit together with enhanced functionality, including easier creation of custom messages, sending messages to individual email addresses, and keeping all messages private.

See the YB Connect App manual for full instructions.

The YB Connect app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


IMPORTANT: You must be connected to the internet when signing into the YB Connect account and setting up the initial connection between the Yellowbrick and the YB Connect smartphone app .. do not leave this till you are in some remote location.


Connect via bluetooth

Use the settings on the unit to switch Bluetooth to “App” (off by default) and pair with the app on the phone.

If the Yellowbrick has been connected to another smartphone previously, you will need to take over messaging on your phone by using “Enable Messaging”.

Email address for messages

When using YB Connect, the direct-to-smartphone email address is [email protected]

End of Use procedure

After you have finished your adventure, please remember to select “Forget Device” to disable the connection to your smartphone and return it to the default state.



Last updated on 17th May 2021