Using the Personal Locator Beacons

Refer to the manual for the user operating instructions.

Particular attention is drawn to the following sections:

ActivationSection 3.1Warning: use only in situations of grave and imminent danger.
Misuse may result in a severe penalty
DeactivationSection 3.2Read the manual carefully
False AlertsSection 3.3Read the manual carefully
TestingSection 4.1Please note the unit has been tested by the ASC using the advised procedures before being sent out. Further testing by the end user is not required.


Registration of Emergency Contacts

The Hires Manager will notify UK Distress and Security Beacon Registration of the names and contact details of the emergency contacts that you supplied when the order was placed. The borrower does not need to take any action.

Any queries, please contact the Equipment Manager using the Contact Us page.

Last updated on 15th May 2020