The equipment (transceiver or personal locator beacon or satellite tracker) is loaned solely to aid safety in the mountains. Please ensure you carefully study the instruction on the relevant web pages. Reliability of the equipment is excellent but it is solely the responsibility of the borrower to check the device is in good working order on receipt and at the start of each day in use.

The borrower is responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment from the time they are received until the time the equipment is received back at the Alpine Ski Club. In the event of damage or loss, the borrower is to inform the Manager of the Scheme as soon as possible. The borrower will repay the Alpine Ski Club the cost of repair of damage or the full retail cost of replacement of lost or irreparable equipment.

The borrower is responsible for returning the equipment or handing on the equipment as requested by the Manager of the Scheme. Any equipment returned by post must be adequately protected in padded bags. Royal Mail Special Delivery post must be used and is a cost to the borrower. The equipment must be returned immediately you return as other people may be waiting. If the equipment is held for longer than the agreed loan period, a supplementary charge of £10 may be payable.

Owing to Royal Mail restrictions on sending batteries through the post, batteries are not included with the transceivers. This does not apply to personal locator beacons or satellite trackers. The borrower agrees to supply 3x new AAA alkaline batteries for their own use and to remove the batteries before returning the transceivers to The Alpine Ski Club.

Borrowers agree to the details they provide being stored in a database solely for the purpose of administration of their loan. These details will not be passed to any third party except as required by law.


Last updated on 15th May 2020