The 3-antenna Tracker2 avalanche transceiver by BCA is ideally suited for novice and occasional users, as well as experienced ski tourers. It is very intuitive and simple to use. This simplicity helps finds victims fast and so improve their chances of surviving the avalanche ordeal.

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However, it is important that users acquaint themselves fully with the operation of the Tracker transceiver .. so practice, practice, practice searching before heading into avalanche terrain.
We recommend you watch these video tutorials.



How to Borrow Transceivers

Avalanche transceivers are available for loan by members of the Club only. Allow sufficient time to receive the transceiver at least two days before you plan to travel and return it the first working day after your return. It is advisable to place your order several weeks in advance.

Please note you are responsible for the safe-keeping of the transceivers from the time you receive them till the time they are received back at The Alpine Ski Club.

Transceivers are sent out by Royal Mail Special Delivery (signature will be required) at least 2 days before the loan period begins.

Batteries are not included in the transceiver loan owing to mailing restrictions by Royal Mail. The borrower must provide 3xx AAA alkaline batteries; a fresh set of batteries will be sufficient for at least two weeks.

Transceivers must be returned by the same method and by the specified date; and batteries must be removed from the transceivers before sending.


Loan of Transceiver no charge
 First transceiver
 Each additional transceiver £2.50
Late return charge £10.00 / month


If you are ordering less than 2 weeks before before delivery, please contact the Hires Manager to confirm availability.

Special Note

The Tracker2 transceivers are not equipped with the latest software revision. This does not affect search performance and is only related to the power-saving mode. Back Country Access notes “Your Tracker2 will still operate without the software update as long as you use it in accordance with the best practices listed in the Tracker2 manual and BCA’s transceiver usage guidelines. The Tracker2 should be turned off and on before each use, the Tracker2 batteries should have greater than 40 percent remaining power before using, and users of the Tracker2 should perform a trailhead transceiver test prior to each use.”



Conditions of Loan

Note: Your booking is not completed, nor a record of your order stored, until the payment process is completed. If you have problems with your order, please send a message to Hires Manager via Contact Us.


Last updated on 31st October 2020