The web site is divided into a public area and a members-only area. The members-only area is for registered members of The Alpine Ski Club and is accessed by logging in.

Public users can:

  • View public pages
  • View photo galleries
  • View a brief summary of events
  • Make a booking and pay for public events

Members can also:

  • View member-only club pages
  • Post to member-only forums
  • Create photo galleries
  • View full details for all events
  • Make a booking and pay for all events
  • Access member-only rates when booking transceiver hire
  • Hire member-only equipment
  • Contact other members

Only members of The Alpine Ski Club may log into the web site. There are two login options a) via Email/Username and password or b) via Email link.

  1. Password:  Enter either the username or registered email plus password and click Log In.
  2. Email link:  Enter your username or registered email and click Log In. You will receive an email which contains a link. Click this and it will log you into the website. Note: It may take some while to arrive if you use email forwarding.

The website will issue a username, based on your first name and letters from your last name. This cannot be changed. For new accounts or if you forget your password or you need to change it, click “Forgotten password” in the login panel and enter your registered email address. Follow the email link and enter new password details.

You are required to use a strong password – at least 10 characters and a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. Avoid standard dictionary words within the password.

Weak passwords mean the ASC website is more likely to get hacked and expose members details. The new email link login means you don’t need to enter complex passwords each time.

Members of The Alpine Ski Club can create their own albums of photographs. Each user is the owner of their own photos. You can great group galleries by transferring ownership (see below).


In the Photo Gallery page, click on Add Album to create an album. Give the album a short title name plus a brief description.

Album name Region or Country + Year
Description A few words + Author(s)

Photos have 3 descriptive names  – filename, title and description. It is important to give photos a meaningful filename to avoid unnecessary. Suggested convention:

Filename Number + description
Title (~20 chars) Location + Counter
Description (~20 chars) People and activities

The easiest way to upload photos is to use the links in the My Photos page (in My Account).

Photos will be re-sized automatically to 1024×768 pixels. You also have the option of applying a watermark to reduce the download value of your images.

Note, there are limits to uploading photos – 20 images, 64M in total, ~9.5megapixels per photo and 60 second upload time. If you exceed any of these the whole upload will fail.

Modern cameras and phones typically create high resolution photos (many millions of pixels), but the web site only displays the photos at 640×480 pixels. Simply trying to upload photos straight from a camera can sometimes cause problems. The huge photo files need to be loaded and then cut down to size before storing a small image. This may work fine when uploading a few large photos (but this can be tedious) but trying to upload a large batch will fail.

Consider either uploading a small number of photos at a time, or pre-processing your photo images beforehand (see below).

Although photos are reduced in size automatically when they are uploaded, there are still some restrictions on the size of photos that can be handled. This is because the server needs to load the full image first in order to create a thumbnail.  If your photo images are very large, as commonly produced by modern cameras, then you may get warning messages from the server. The maximum file size is ~9.5 megapixels.

It is recommended that you reduce your photo file sizes before trying to upload the images. Reducing the size to approx. 1024×768  will usually suffice. There are many photo editing programs available which will do this for you. Choose one which can operate in batch mode to save on time and effort.

In the Gallery your photo albums will have an Edit link next them. This will let you edit your albums and photos.  In order to get the order of your photos right, we recommend you label them 01. 02. 03. in the title, followed by the description of what the photo is.  ie
01. the group
02. the hotel we stayed at
03. the mountain we climbed

and then in the “Edit Album Information” page, select the drop down box “order” and change this from the default setting to “name”.  See example of Georgia 2014 for how this comes out.

Albums can only have one owner at any one time. However, if you want to create an album using photos from several members of a group, then one option is to create sub-albums and for the album owner to upload other team member’s photos into the sub-albums.

Members are encouraged to submit articles about their ski touring activities to the editor. We are looking for a mix of lots of standard articles together with a few longer ones for unusual locations. Please do tell us where you have been touring throughout the season. And if you have been somewhere particularly adventurous, then contact the editor to arrange for a longer article, and include some stunning photos.

Please submit your articles as soon as you return home. Don’t leave it till the final deadline – 31 July.

Copyright and Original

The articles submitted for the Review must be copyright of the author and must be an original, unpublished account of the trip. Where trip reports are submitted to multiple organisations, e.g. when receiving grants, it is important they are sufficiently different and use different photographs to avoid any copyright issues. It is recommended that different people in the group write the different reports.

Photographs must be copyright of the named photographer.



Please keep to these guidelines – articles that do not meet these criteria are likely to be returned for amendment. The editor has limited time for producing the Review, so please help by following the guidelines.

  • Standard articles: Short and snappy to fill a single page or two, 300-400 words with 2 photos.

  • Long articles (by agreement): Up to 1500 words maximum and supply a selection of photos.

  • Photographs: Please send us a small selection of your very best photos. These must be in a suitable image format (such as JPG or PNG) and of sufficiently high resolution (at least 1500×1000 pixels). Note: We can not accept any images embedded in Word or PDF or any documents, nor links to large, unselected collections.

    What makes a good photo?

    We are looking for photos which stand out and are engaging. Put yourself into the place as a reader — would the image interest you?
    This means it’s essential to be colourful and have a clear focus. Yet another picture of a snowy valley with dark trees and white snow really doesn’t cut it. Shots with people doing something is often the most interesting.

    How to send photos

    Upload your photos to the editor here.

    It is highly recommended to include the caption and the photographer in the filename.


The ASC arranges various events – lectures, social events, meets – which can be booked and paid for via the website on the Events page.

Alpine Ski Club members must be logged in to book at the member rates and also to see extra information about the events.

Credit card payments:

Payments can be made by credit card, using the Stripe payment option. You will be directed to the secure Stripe portal where you can enter your details. After payment you will be re-directed back to the ASC website and a confirmation email with the order details will be sent to you.

PayPal payments:

Payments can be made using your PayPal account. You will be directed to the secure PayPal portal where you can login and enter your details. After payment you will be re-directed back to the ASC website and a confirmation email with the order details will be sent to you.

Direct bebit payments:

Payments can be made by direct debit, using the GoCardless payment option. Although this is primarily used for annual subscriptions, one-off payments are also accepted.

Manual payments:

Where there is an option to make manual payments (usually ‘Other, contact Treasurer’), the form will complete and register your entry. You will then receive instructions on how to contact the Club Treasurer to make a manual payment. This will usually be a bank transfer to the Club’s UK bank.

Last updated on 21st September 2023