training grant, expedition grant


MAFAre you organising a ski mountaineering expedition?
Take a look at the Memorial Adventure Fund. This grant is awarded to those exploring new and interesting areas.
KSSAre you wanting to develop your ski mountaineering skills?
The Kenneth Smith Scholarship is there to help people progress to becoming self-sufficient in ski touring / ski mountaineering.


These grant schemes can provide help for:

  • Taking part in a ski mountaineering expedition which includes an element of exploration, or
  • Carrying out a research project on an aspect of ski mountaineering, or
  • Attending an approved course in ski mountaineering.

The awards, particularly the training grants, are aimed at younger skiers.

Both grants are open to ski mountaineers and ski tourers from outside The Alpine Ski Club. Applicants for the awards are expected to already be able to ski proficiently, using Alpine touring, Nordic or Telemark equipment.

The Eagle Ski Club also offer grants for ski touring.


Memorial Adventure Fund

Explorations in Antarctica

This fund was set up by the ASC in memory of Irvine Aitchison and has been supported by gifts and bequests from many members.

The object of the Fund is to support ski touring and ski mountaineering by assisting ski mountaineers to undertake expeditions and tours which are considered worthy of encouragement and help. Previous recipients of a MAF award have ski toured in Antarctica, Greenland, the Canadian Divide, Kyrgystan, Eastern Turkey, China, Georgia, Afghanistan, Alaska, Baffin Island, Tajikistan, Mount Logan.
What’s next on your list?

The closing date for applications for the following year is 15th October. See conditions and apply here.


Kenneth Smith Scholarship

Building an emergency sledge

This scholarship is managed by The Alpine Ski Club as a memorial to Kenneth Smith, in recognition of many years of service to the club and the tireless work he did in promoting training for ski touring and ski mountaineering.

The object of the Scholarship is to assist skiers and mountaineers to improve their ski touring and mountaineering skills. Help to build confidence in travelling through the mountains in winter, and to become a strong, independent ski mountaineer who will be a welcome member of any ski touring team. The scholarship is awarded for approved ski mountaineering courses only.

The closing date for applications for the following year is 15th October. See conditions and apply here.


Conditions for offering grants

Full details need to be given of the nature and purpose of the activity for which assistance is sought, the grounds for applying for an award, details of skiing experience and ski mountaineering tours already undertaken, as well as mountaineering experience on foot.

Awards are granted on condition that successful applicants (i) submit a short report on their sponsored activity within two months of completing the undertaking for which the award is made, and (ii) undertake if requested to give a presentation to The Alpine Ski Club within two years of the end of the activity.


How to Apply

Complete the Grant Application form in full. Note the closing date is 15 October. For all other enquiries send a message to the Grants Manager at the Contact Us link.


Last updated on 22nd September 2020