Terms and Conditions for Booking


  • A transferable, non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place on a tour/meet.
  • The deposit will be collected via the website at the time of booking. The fund will be held and managed by the Tour Organiser/Convenor and used for communal expenses such as group accommodation reservations; group travel; a group kitty; etc.
  • Any funds remaining after the tour/meet ends will be returned to the tour/meet members at the discretion of the Tour Organiser/Convenor.


  • If the tour is cancelled by the Tour Organiser/Convenor the deposit, less any non-reclaimable expenses already paid out, will be refunded.
  • If a member cancels their place on the tour/meet they will forfeit their deposit, but it can be transferred to a replacement participant.
  • Tour/meet members will agree to accept any extra terms and conditions of cancellation as shown in the Tour Participation and Booking Form.


  • If the meet is not fully subscribed by ASC members guests are welcome to join the Alpine Ski Club meet on the understanding they are attending in a social capacity only.
  • Under the terms of the Club’s public liability insurance only Club members are allowed to participate in the Club’s mountaineering activities – which includes ski touring, ski mountaineering, climbing and hill walking, amongst other activities.
  • If guests wish to participate in Club mountaineering activities they are encouraged to join The Alpine Ski Club as a member.

Conditions of Participation

  • I accept that the role of the Tour Organiser/Convenor is not as a Leader or a Guide in the mountains in any sense of the meaning. The role of the tour organiser/convenor is limited to facilitating local arrangements.
    I will be attending as a competent, self-sufficient and independent ski mountaineer and will participate actively in the risk assessment, risk mitigation and decision making of the group during all stages of this activity.
  • I confirm I have read, understood and will follow The Alpine Ski Club guidelines relating to safety in the mountains for ski touring and ski mountaineering.
  • I confirm that my skiing ability, mountaineering experience and level of fitness meet the requirements of this activity, as they have been explained to me and/or as published on The Alpine Ski Club website.
  • I will be adequately equipped with the appropriate safety equipment for this activity.
  • I have personal travel insurance that adequately covers me against medical, mountain rescue and public liability risks for this activity.
  • I undertake to declare to the Tour Organiser/Convenor if I display any COVID-19 symptoms or have come into contact with anyone displaying such symptoms in the 14 days prior to commencement of the tour. I acknowledge that this may result in not being able to take my place on the tour.
  • Whilst on an ASC tour, I undertake to comply with official travel and health guidance of the relevant country and responsible bodies.
  • The officers, committee(s), tour organiser/convenor and members of The Alpine Ski Club do not accept any responsibility for any accidents, misadventure or mishap which may occur or its consequences.
  • I confirm that I am fully aware that ski mountaineering and ski touring involve elements of risk which can lead to serious injury or death and I am participating in these activities at my own risk.

Last updated on 16th August 2020