100 Years of Ski Mountaineering


The Alpine Ski Club is an active and friendly club of independent ski mountaineers. It was the first ski mountaineering club in Britain (founded by Arnold Lunn in 1908). The objectives of the club are to promote mountaineering on ski and to encourage good fellowship amongst ski mountaineers; to encourage mountaineering expeditions on ski throughout the world and to promote a better knowledge of the mountains in winter.

We are delighted to welcome the acclaimed mountaineer and active ski mountaineer, Stephen Venables, as the club Patron.

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Expedition through the trees
The Alpine Ski Club offers grants for ski mountaineering training and ski mountaineering expeditions to remote regions

Grants for Ski Mountaineering

Two grants are available for ski mountaineering – the Kenneth Smith Scholarship is aimed at providing help with training and improving mountain safety – the Memorial Adventure Fund is there to support more adventurous explorations on skis.

hire avalanche transceivers (beacons) for ski mountaineering

Avalanche Transceiver Hire

Do not go off-piste without a transceiver – if you get a caught in an avalanche, your survival depends on it. Hire a transceiver from us from only £25 per week or better still, join The Alpine Ski Club and it’s free.

The Alpine Ski Club has a long history of promoting safety for ski mountaineering and hires avalanche transceivers (beacons) for ski touring

Avalanche Safety

The club has a long history of promoting safety in the mountains. Visit our safety pages to help you keep safe in the mountains – learn how to assess the risks during your planning and when out on the hill, learn how to make the right decisions.